Mortgage Administration & Underwriting Jobs

Pure Resourcing specialises in placing professional candidates into key operational roles within the mortgage industry.

Operational roles are pivotal within the financial services industry. We are experienced at recruiting professionals in areas such as underwriting, processing, credit risk, completions, arrears, collections and compliance.

Mortgage Administrator Jobs:

With the added administrative workload following MMR, a Mortgage Administrator plays a key role in the mortgage process. Typically supporting Independent Mortgage Brokers they will be responsible for handling cases from initial application through to completion, ensuring clients receive a professional service.

Mortgage Processing Jobs:

A Mortgage Processor will complete the first stage of the mortgage application. They ensure details are entered precisely, and all supporting documentation is correct, before submission to the underwriting team.

Mortgage Underwriting Jobs & Credit Risk Jobs:

We have established relationships with a variety of lenders ranging from mainstream lenders to those specialising in adverse lending. Assessing a client’s affordability and risk is integral to responsible lending. Positions typically recruited for are Mortgage Underwriters, 2nd Charge Underwriters, Unsecured Loans Underwriters & Credit Risk Analysts.

Mortgage Completions Jobs:

The Mortgage completions department is the final stage in the mortgage lending process. Positions typically recruited for are Completions Officers and Completions Managers.

Arrears & Collections Jobs:

In the unfortunate circumstance of a customer falling into difficulty with their mortgage, it is the responsibility of the arrears and collections team to provide assistance. The arrears and collections adviser will take a sympathetic stance, negotiating a suitable outcome, preventing further financial difficulty and the risk of repossession.

Mortgage Compliance Jobs:

In a heavily regulated industry it is essential that businesses operate in a compliant manner. We have a proven track record of recruiting Compliance Officers, Compliance Managers through to more senior positions such as Head of Compliance.

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