Searching for a job in financial services? Don’t become click happy!

We know the situation, we have all been there, desperate for a new opportunity whether it be to actually get a job, get out of one you hate, or get employed again after redundancy, but whatever you do, don’t become click happy.



On a Monday morning, as a recruiter, we can open our advert response and the mailbox be full of the same candidate applying for multiple jobs through multiple platforms; so, here are our top tips when hunting for your next job in financial services:

  • Read the job spec carefully; if you are unsure whether you fit the requirements email the recruiter, rather than registering interest through a click application. That way they can discuss the role with you and together you can work out if you fit the personal specification. If this role isn’t suitable, they may have another that is. Yep, it’s true, we have had retail assistants, mobile phone salesman and school leavers apply for £100k business development manager roles. Now we are not saying, that with the right training and time they couldn’t do the job, but if a job advert stipulates “at least 3 years’ experience”, that is what you need within that field of expertise.


  • Be aware of multiple job adverts; recruiters will normally advertise jobs through many different platforms to gain greater exposure. Be aware of this, check for similarities (job title, description, location, salary and benefits) and if there are plenty, it is highly likely that it is either a) the same job on various platforms or b) various recruiters working the same vacancy. Research the recruiters and pick one that appeals to you the most. Only give one recruiter permission to pass your details over to a client; it can have a negative impact if your CV lands on a hiring managers desk more than once. Tell the recruiter what jobs you have already applied for – neither of you want to look a fool.


  • Tweak your Curriculum Vitae to tailor it to the job advert; this doesn’t need to be a redrafting process, just one that headlines the skills needed for the job you’re applying for. Use the personal job specification to help get those buzz words in to page one of your CV. Having relevant information is also key, for example – Are you a Mortgage Advisor or Business Development Manager? Add in your sales figures to grab more attention. Are you a Mortgage Underwriter? What is your underwriting mandate level?


Bottom line!

If you are unsure of anything, just ask. Recruiters are there to help and support you, that is their role. You will get a far better response if you asked for advice over being click happy!

Want some advice, email in at Pure Resourcing for one of consultants to call you back for chat.


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