Do you leave a lasting impression?

Do You Leave a Lasting Impression?

This question was put to the consultants in the office:

“If you could only give a candidate two tips about their forthcoming interview, what would they be?”

And here are the responses…


  • Appropriate attire, for our roles keep it simple yet formal – for example, for the gents: dark suit, crisp white shirt (with the top button done up) and tie tied properly.
  • Presentation is as important as being yourself – they will see through any façade.
  • Allow your personality to come through.
  • Do your research on the firm, remember they will do theirs on you!
  • Have questions to ask.
  • Be humble about your knowledge and experience; very few clients expect the finished article but want to see you have all the credentials.
  • Be flexible and willing to go the extra mile.

A few don’ts:

  • Don’t have your phone turned on.
  • Don’t be negative – phrase a negative into a positive!
  • Don’t ask about the salary in the first interview, nor sick pay, maternity or compassionate leave.
  • Don’t be late, work out your travel route in preparation and allow plenty of time.


One of the consultants put it nicely into the 3 P’s…

Presentation, Preparation and Personality!

So, we have given you a few more than two, GOOD LUCK, and we hope you find them useful.




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