Be Social Media Aware!

Applying for a job in financial services…have an awareness of Social Media!


This was written and saved a few weeks ago now but with the trending news article about the Woman in a swimsuit shamed by potential employer, it is something to consider. Rightly or Wrongly if it’s out there, it’s out there for people to see….

But just remember…

Although in the news we always hear about the negative effects of social media there are some positives too! Social media has meant that businesses are much more transparent; you don’t need to be part of one to get a vibe for their work culture and on goings. We are no longer just able to read the ‘about us’ blurb from their websites, but can now learn whose birthday it was last, what charity work they have done, business events attended, employee of the month and their reward, recent client lunches and let’s face it, we like this because we are nosey! Before a job interview, check out the company’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Insta pages – see if you can gain any insights that could be conversations starters; areas of common between you and the client. Upon setting up an interview between candidate and client last month, we uncovered a mutual love of cycling and charity work; a perfect ice breaker to ease nerves at the start of an interview.


Now let’s think about your social media offering…what do your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Insta pages say about you? LinkedIn is the biggest business networking tool of them all, so this is the one where you should have a professional looking photo for your field of industry, no avatars or overlay filters should be used here, unless truly appropriate. How private is your Facebook account? Having previously worked in a profession where one of the standards stated “demonstrate consistently high standards…within and outside of…”, we were always encouraged to keep much of our profile private; but as long as your profile picture and public displays say the right message about you, it’s good to show your employer a glimpse of your personality (and I don’t mean having one too many every Friday night). Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words – what would you take from an image of someone surrounded by family? Completing a morning Park Run? Or attending a local volunteering event? HR Managers, recruiters and the professional interviewer, rightly or wrongly, may check out your social media profiles before even inviting you to interview…remember, people are nosey, and they want to employ someone with right image for their company! How do you visualise a Mortgage Advisor, Mortgage Underwriter, Business Development Manager or other mortgage professional?

Spinning it on its head, how would you want your Mortgage Broker to be perceived?

Pitch it correctly – make your offering give the right impression.


87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check candidates (Jobvite Recruiter National Report)



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